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advertising led displays

1. Advertising LED Displays:  

•With sensitive control system, it can adjust screen brightness automatically according to the lighting change of indoor and outdoor, saving energy to reduce your operating costs greatly.

•High refresh rate and high gray make the picture more realistic, which meets the demand of high visual quality of commercial usage.

•The advertising contents can be changed at any time, for different customers and various advertisements.

•With dual hot spare function, two computers can control one screen, and when one computer has problem, the other computer can replace automatically to ensure the normal work.

•With high efficient optical fiber transmission system, it can reduce signal delay caused by long transmission distance, which ensure the consistency of the display.                                                                                                ---[More]

 rental led displays

2. Rental LED Displays: 

•The cabinet made of aluminum of alloy is thin, light, deformation assistant and easy to transport. In addition, it is convenient to assemble and disassemble.

•Supports signal flow randomly, satisfies different array and putting in order to create different image effects.

•Equips professional video processor, which supports signal formats like AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI etc.

•Supports brightness adjustment and white balance custom adjustment with 256 levels, which enables mix usage of different batches of display.

•Good effect of water proof, with IP65 ingress protection, applied for outdoor rental use.

•Equipping with every spec of flight cases, which are convenient to store and transport, and also well protection for displays.                                     ---[More]

 stage led displays

3. Stage LED Displays:

•Mainly used in high level entertainment discos, large song and dance shows, fashion shows, outdoor advertising signs, building wall etc.

•It is a multimedia LED display system that can create virtual scenes and vivid color effects, which is primarily used as the background of film studio and digital stage.

•It is not only to install and dismantle but also competitive priced. Fits mass stage background making.

•Horap stage LED display represents vivid prospects, abstract images and able to create illusive effects.

•Our stage LED display is equipped with a professional audio and video system to process multiple signals, which ensures the quality from signal processing and make it possible to play high fidelity images.


 stadium led displays

4. Stadium LED Displays:

1)Convenient to install and disassemble
Our cabinets feature simple designs, making them easy-to-install and disassemble. The cabinets include inter-locks, as well as external signal and power sockets.

2)Adjustable inclination angle
Generally, the LED perimeter banner display is placed vertically and the inclination angle is adjustable for the best possible viewing and camera shooting angles.

3) Impact resistance
Specially designed soft module masks on our pro-ducts protect players from injury and offers prote-ction to the unit itself.

Specialized sports software is designed for edit-ing and playing advertisement content.                                                                            ---[More]

 truck & trailer led displays

5. Truck & Trailer LED Displays:

•Super-slim design, easy dismantling and assembling can save the space of trailer led display.

•With the light cabinet in aluminum alloy, we make the trailer led display much lighter, which reduces the weight of trailer to help it move faster.

•l No noise pollution occurs during working due to our high-quality cooling fan and alleyway ventilation design which reduce the quantity of cooling fan.

•With ingress protection IP65, it’s absolutely safe for your display to continue working under rainy situation.

•The working trailer causes static electricity easily, especially in the autumn, so our unique anti-static electricity protection system can protect LED lamps and driver ICs.                                                                                              ---[More]