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P20 Soft LED Displays

Product Details

Brand: Horap

Model: HLD-OFP20-FC

Pixel Pitch: 20mm

Pixel Configuration: SMD

Pixel Density: 4096pixels/m2

Brightness: 6500 CD/m2

Lifespan: 100,000years

Working Power Consumption: 200W/sq.m

Working Temperature: -25 to +65 degrees

Cabinet Material: ABS Plastic+ Aluminum

Module Size: 1280x320x30mm


P20 Soft LED Displays


 P20 Soft LED Displays offers a lightweight,virtually transparent LED curtain display that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor ues in a wide array of applications.With its 20mm pixel pitch,more than 5000 cd output and rugged IP65 rating,the linx is the perfect solution for all applications with large viewing distances.

Usage Indoor Outdoor
Product Model HLD-IFP20-FC HLD-OFP20-FC
Pixel Pitch 20 mm 20 mm
Pixel Composition (SMD3528) 3 in 1 (SMD5050) 3 in 1
Brightness ≥1500 CD/㎡ ≥5000 CD/㎡
Grey Level ≥4096 ≥4096
Refresh Rate ≥1000HZ ≥1000HZ
Colour Temperature ADJ enable ADJ enable
Viewing Angle 130° 130°
Pixel Density 2500Dots/㎡ 2500Dots/㎡
Module Resolution(L*W) 64Dots x 16Dots 64Dots x 16Dots
MAX Power Consumption 237W 237W
AVE Power Consumption 200W 200W
IP Rating IP61 IP66
Operating Temperature -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃
Module Size(L*W*h) 1280mm x 320mm x 30mm 1280mm x 320mm x30mm
Module Weight(KG) 3.0KG 4.1 KG
Control Mode synchronization synchronization

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