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P15 Flexible Curtain LED Screens

Product Details

Brand: Horap

Model: HLD-OFP15-FC

Pixel Pitch: 15.625mm

Pixel Configuration: DIP

Pixel Density: 4096pixels/m2

Brightness: 6500 CD/m2

Lifespan: 100,000years

Working Power Consumption: 210W/sq.m

Working Temperature: -25 to +65 degrees

Cabinet Material: ABS Plastic+ Aluminum

Module Size: 1000x250x30mm


P15 Flexible Curtain LED Screens



 P15 Flexible Screen is an ultra-thin, bendy LED display which lets you get truly creative with your LED. Engineerd using state-of-art technologies, the P15 Flexible Screen creative display can be bent and flexed to fit curved surfaces of almost any shape or form: convexe / concave horizontally and vertically.

Usage Indoor Outdoor
Product Model HLD-IFP15-FC HLD-OFP15-FC
Pixel Pitch 15.625 mm 15.625 mm
Pixel Composition (SMD3528) 3 in 1 DIP346
Brightness ≥1500 CD/㎡ ≥6500 CD/㎡
Grey Level ≥65536 ≥4096
Refresh Rate ≥2000HZ ≥1000HZ
Colour Temperature ADJ enable ADJ enable
Viewing Angle 130° 130°
Pixel Density 4096Dots/㎡ 4096Dots/㎡
Module Resolution(L*W) 64Dots x 16Dots 64Dots x 16Dots
MAX Power Consumption 77W 240W
AVE Power Consumption 47W 210W
IP Rating IP61 IP66
Operating Temperature -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃
Module Size(L*W*h) 1000mm x 250mm x 30mm 1000mm x 250mm x30mm
Module Weight(KG) 3.7 KG 4.3 KG
Control Mode synchronization synchronization

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